Introduce new aquaculture and agriculture programs for fisherfolk and farmers that will increase productivity and profitability, as well as more livelihood opportunities to help reduce poverty and eradicate hunger. Do a sustained monitoring of identified vulnerable poor households, especially of underweight children, and do direct feeding programs as well as food assistance to qualified recipient households.

Fortify the people’s health and expand community education on better health and nutrition practices. Expand and sustain COVID 19 vaccination, as well as other vaccination programs. Establish a better managed primary health care program through the purok system and better motivated Barangay Health Workers. Continue minimum health

Ensure a proactive readiness to mitigate risks and quickly respond to disasters, especially in the light of climate change and the present and future pandemics, through appropriate trainings, technology and the acquisition of equipment and organized manpower in all of Bantayan’s 25 barangays. The enforcement of the easement law, especially in identified danger zones shall be accelerated, combined with the provision of typhoon resistant housing, especially for those displaced from the danger zones.

Work towards a business-friendly and supportive environment where bureaucracy is limited to the legal mandatory checks and signatures in a time-bound process with transparent and accountable processing officers. The collection of up-to-date location maps for properties up for sale, lease or joint ventures shall be undertaken. The
development of new areas for business locators, with good roads, sidewalks, and drainage, as well as availability of water and power shall be accelerated.

Attain the highest standard of concrete roads with proper road width, shoulder, sidewalks and drainage for the main provincial roads, circumferential roads, and farm to market roads such that movement of people and goods is safe, comfortable, and efficient. This shall be attained through proper planning and engineering so that existing roads are upgraded, and new roads are constructed. The development and construction of bicycle only roads shall be explored. The present municipal wharf shall be upgraded, and an all-weather roll on – roll off port in Sulangan shall be developed. The provision of stable, reliable, and affordable electric power shall be closely monitored. The provision of safe, potable, reliable and affordable water supply up to level 3 on the mainland and level 2 in the island barangays shall be pursued. Rainwater catchment systems for irrigation shall be developed. Proper drainage and wastewater management shall be implemented. Septage management shall also be implemented. The improvement of the telecommunications facilities of private service providers shall be strongly encouraged, even up to the point of providing infrastructure support for their facilities through joint ventures.

     The preservation and restoration of our marine resources through the twin approaches of:

a) a relentless campaign against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUUF), and

b) proper marine resource management, implementing the Bantayan Municipal Waters Zoning ordinance and its related fisheries ordinance, and the development of the links of the complete value chain for fisheries culture are among the highest priorities.

     The reforestation/afforestation of the over 700 hectares of the strict protection zone, mainly in barangay Atop-atop to protect and enhance the island’s largest water lens shall be started and sustained. Proper solid waste management beginning at the household, to the purok and barangay level shall be intensified, Tree and ornamental greening where possible shall be promoted.

Ensure that Bantayan remains a peaceful community. This begins at the household level. Purok and barangay-based monitoring, surveillance and reporting of child and women abuse, illegal drugs and petty crimes shall be promoted. Dispute resolution at the purok level shall be enhanced through trainings in dispute resolution, mediation and reconciliation before disputes escalate to the barangay level Lupon ng Tagapagpayapa. The street lighting program shall be widened and where budget and technology considerations allow, closed-circuit television monitoring systems at the barangay level, shall be established. This CCTV system shall be linked not only to the tanod and police network but also to the municipal risk reduction and disaster management office response system. The Bantay Dagat and fish wardens shall have more support through better organization and management, training, equipment, communication systems, vehicles and seacraft, as well as a reward and incentive system.

Support to formal academic and non-formal education shall be undertaken through various interventions ranging from at-school feeding programs, to scholarships, training programs and grants. The lockdown experience during the COVID19 pandemic has taught us the need for online teaching. This has further exposed the weaknesses of telecommunications which need to be addressed. Also, to be addressed is the need of teachers, trainers, students and trainees alike, for access to gadgets to be able to participate in the online courses. Safe and conducive classrooms and training venues must now have access to internet and wifi communication. When and where possible, training, equipment, science and computer laboratories and software shall be supported. The linkages between schools, skills training providers and business and industry shall be strengthened with municipal government support. Accordion Content

Intensify the preservation of our heritage and Bantayanon culture through a cultural and historical program which may be anchored on tourism for sustainability. Among the heritage projects being considered is a secure common display area of the Holy Week’s “pasos” on the caros. The static display of the fully dressed Santos may then be available for viewing by tourists and visitors the whole year round. Attached to the secure display area where the curated Santos are placed, would be a covered parking warehouse for the caros, which could be the venue for the decoration and mounting of the Santos during Holy Week. Gate proceeds from tourists would be shared by the private family owners of the caros and pasos. A natural heritage is the Bantayan Sunset which can be a major tourist attraction if properly promoted and public and private service facilities are provided.

Reorient the minds of people and communities, especially the youth, not only through values formation but providing opportunities to practice and experience the actual application of good governance principles of functionality in purok, barangay and municipal institutions and services; transparency in planning, implementation, and monitoring; accountability of members and officials; and people’s participation in decision making. In this way, the innate Bantayanon religiosity and enterprising spirit will provide the foundation for renewed respect for each other, respect for the law, respect for the environment and most of all, respect for God.